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We are a Mexican company specializing in innovation and development of emerging technologies in software engineering for the power industry in Mexico and United States. We develop applications, plug-ins and provide technical assistance services based on a set of tools and methodologies. We are part of Grupo Plenum, the largest organization of software engineering in the Mexican Southeast, We have presence in different States of the Republic. We have agreements of collaboration with Mexican universities and United States, as well as strategic companies in the information technology sector.


Develop innovative technology solutions to facilitate the use and interpretation of complex information promoting the efficiency and sustainability of organizations related to the energy industry in Mexico and the United States..


Be a leader in building software applications and solutions for the industry of energy in Mexico and the United States; We will develop point of reference by providing innovative ideas and excellent quality.










CNH welcomed discovery of Eni

The national hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) It welcomed the announcement issued by the ENI company which was unveiled a new discovery of light crude oil (30° API, approximately) at a depth of 65 meters, thus confirming the presence of oil in different levels, indicating a potential higher than original estimates in the formation 5 Presidents.

It will feature a mineral the Yucatán scientific Park

The national mineral of the National Commission of hydrocarbons (CNH) It will be headquartered in the scientific technological park of Yucatan (PCTY), the signing of the agreement between the Governor Rolando Zapata Bello and the Commissioner that organ, Juan Carlos Zepeda Molina.

CNH advances round bidding processes 2

The national hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) he unveiled the progress on the process of bidding for the round 2 and the second Association (Farmout) for Pemex.

Mexico will allocate 1.2 billions of pesos to clean energy

Over the next 15 years, Mexico will invest 1.2 billions of dollars in clean energy projects, among those who highlight the focus on wind and solar power.


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